.29oz Tight Vac Solid Storage Container


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.29 liter Small Tightvac®

Available in a variety of sizes, Tightvac® containers integrate a unique sealing system which purges air as the lid goes on. This negative pressure helps to keep its contents fresh and odors at bay!

Unique pressurized lid keeps odors at bay and contents fresh

Solid body in a variety of color tops.

Dimensions: 3.5" height x 3" diameter

Customer Reviews

Average rating:

Discret, 18th Oct 2015

Reviewer: Amy J

Don't see or smell anything with these guys, truly air tight and easy to use!

traveling lightly, 29th Jul 2015

Reviewer: Xavier S

One of my best on-the-go containers wherever I go. It holds my little chillum so it does its purpose good.

Seals it good and tight., 24th Apr 2015

Reviewer: Aric F

I've dropped these things a dozen times since i bought it. Never had an issue with smell or sticking. i'll never go back to glass jars after this bad boy.

GoodnTight, 10th Jul 2012

Reviewer: Katie Green

I keep my potpourri in this tight vac, and it keeps them fresh and smelling good, so when i use them, they are perfectly hydrated. The vac button pushes all the air out so it keeps all the smells in. And they're not breakable ;) Always a good thing for on the go.

always press the button!, 26th Feb 2012

Reviewer: Mike Teeling

these work so good with the vac button
jus push button put lid on, and it's vacuumed against the outside air, no smell at all!

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