Michael Shea

10mm Green Stardust Klein Recycler Oil Rig


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Art meets function in these locally hand blown Full Color Klein Recylcers by Michael Shea of Hoquiam, WA.

4.5" Tall! Each one is signed and unique. These mini klein rigs are amazing. All the function of a klein recycler packed into a miniature hand blown piece of art.

A recycler's two chamber filtration system can provide a dabbing experience like no other, and the Klein design has the added benefit of never sucking water in your mouth with the inner chamber water flow system. As the vapor is pulled through the large slit shower head perc of the resevoir, the smoke and some water follow through the tube, and into the second chamber, creating a constant cycle. Your draws are restriction free because of the constant flow of smoke and water, and the smoke gets the opportunity to be filtered at multiple stages.

10mm joint. Nail not included.

Usually our local custom pieces aren't offered on our website, but we have decided to extend this incredible deal onto our online customers. Get it before someone else does!

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