JM Flow

Sprinkler to Cross Cut Oil Rig Recycler


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JM Flow Sci Glass brings style and innovation to every piece they create. This hand blown glass dedicated oil concentrate recycler rig water pipe features two special water features built into the recycling action. First, is the famous Flow Sci sprinkler built into the down stem as an inline perc. Second, is the criss cross cut diffused perc at the top of the recycler.

The piece is amazing in action. I love the bent glass features built into the recycler loop that give the heady piece a stylish look and functionally work as an easy grip tool.

Each double perc recycler stands 14" tall, and they use 18mm male ground joint.

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Ah.may.Zing, 28th Jul 2015

Reviewer: Ariel H

This recycler is epic. The bubbles are endless and you never have to worry about the water level in your top perc, because it automatically levels it for you as you pull air through. In my opinion this piece is the opitome of scientific glass recyclers. What a rig!

WHAAAAAAT?, 26th Jul 2015

Reviewer: Mike T

that's what i call a dawg gomn recycler! lovin' the originiality of the jm flow percs and THEY WORK!

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