16oz Orange Chronic Pipe Cleaner


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Orange Chronic Fast Acting Pipe Cleaner with Built in Abrasive Cleaning Agent. If You Have a Tough Job, This Cleaner Can Tackle It!

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Should be called Orange Awesomeness, 23rd May 2015

Reviewer: Sunshine B

I used this stuff on a steamroller that had just caked on resin, and I'd not smoked in a year, and it had just been sitting on the shelf. It worked waaay better than I thought it would! Stripped all that dried, caked resin right off. It looked brand new afterwards, I'd forgotten that it was clear! This is now all I use, it's a stoner's best friend :)

works like a champ, 8th Nov 2014

Reviewer: Josh B

This is my go to for cleaning my glass, works in like 2 min. clean glass smokes better then dirty glass and it dosent take a lot to clean my 2 1/2 ft triple perc.

Happy Clean Pipes!, 26th Mar 2013

Reviewer: Alex P

I like the Formula 420 better because of the great smell, but if I have a tough stain or a lot of perks, I ALWAYS go for the Orange Chronic. It has smaller cleaning granules than Formula 420, for the harder to clean nooks and crannies.

Chronic is Bomb!, 29th May 2012

Reviewer: Katie Green

I love love love this orange Chronic! the smaller granuals do a good job gettin out the little shit, and it gets the job done fast. Smells good, and doesn't leave behind any icky tastes or anything. I use this on my waterpipe like once a week. Cool thing about it is that its reuseable too... If you keep the cleaner, even if its a little dirty, you can save it and reuse it the next time you clean a piece too. You can Get the most outta this stuff!

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