20lb Test Rasta Hemp Twine


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Brand new! The rasta mix hemp twine.
20lb test hemp twine.
100 gram weight
430 feet in length

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Hemp Twine, 16th Aug 2012

Reviewer: George King

I've made TONS of my friends happy making them Friendship bracelets, and Necklaces! It's SUPER EZ!

Twine is Devine, 29th May 2012

Reviewer: Katie Green

Durable hemp twine for sure! I use this normal colored stuff all the time when making jewelry. Easy to work with, the right size, and you get 430 feet! Last forever!

Brighten Up Your Hemp Life, 29th May 2012

Reviewer: Katie Green

Bright and colorful Hemp twine. I love mixing the colors up. Black and red, green and yellow, Purple and green. Durable, easy to work with, and there's oh so much in these rolls for only 7 bucks!

It's not easy being green, 26th Feb 2012

Reviewer: Lucille Emter

Green hands down, has got to be my favorite color. Not only that but this hemp twine is super bright!
All colors come super vibrant and is great to work with.
I usually don't wash my tan twine till after I've made the jewelry. But if you wash the colored twine before you start notting, the colors wont bleed together and the fabric will be softer and easier to work with. All you need now is a beautiful center piece! :]

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