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22" Rasta Triple Perc Water Pipe


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This 22" hand blown glass Triple Perc Showerhead Rasta Beaker is a beast! Made with 50x5mm borosilicate tubing, you could use it as a home protection device as well as a water pipe!

Each piece has rasta color work at the mouth piece and beaker base, a diffused sleeve, two shower head perc water chambers, and an ice pinch to top it off.

The glass on glass ground joint uses a 14mm bowl connection.

AMG stands for American Made Glass, and it's clear when you look at their products that they stand behind that. The California based company produces high quality glass water pipes, hand pipes, and nug jugs, and we are very excited to have them here at Smokin Js!

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Thick, clouds, for days!!, 29th Feb 2016

Reviewer: Xavier

This is an excellent piece with smooth percalation! The double shower head dome percs are super soothing to the smoke with just enough water and you're. The piece itself has super thick glass which is very comforting in my opinion.

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