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Frit Mini Hammer Glass Pipe


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Made fresh in Washington State by Budd Bay Glass! Of all the hand blown glass frit pipes we carry by Budd Bay Glass, this one is my favorite!

Budd Bay Glass calls this piece the Mini Slumpy. At 3" long, it is small in size and shaped like a hammer hand pipe. Each piece is unique and thick, made using an inside out technique with frit.

Each one comes with custom bead work including a special Paw Print to denote the fine craftsmanship by Budd Bay Glass.

Smokin Js has a variety of colors available. Each one is unique. Make your color request in the comment box at checkout.

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Fabulous, 26th Jul 2014

Reviewer: Ariel H

I love Budd Bay glass! They make great pocket pieces because of their small convenient size, and these minis are a smart design because the hammer and sherlock shape keep hot ash from flyin in your mouth. The frit color work on them really has depth too it, which is only made more entrancing when their all darkened in :)

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