4oz Orange Chronic Pipe Cleaner


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One of the Best Pipe Cleaners We Sell! Each Bottle Comes With an Abrasive Material for Fast Action.

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SUPER cleaner, 26th May 2014

Reviewer: Elizabeth B

Holy smokes does this stuff do the trick! I let my pipe build up for a while and with just a little bit of this and a good shake, my pipe was clean with in minutes! It also works wonders with percs, the little scrubbies get in all the little nooks with out getting stuck. This cleaner also doesn't leave a nasty chemical or any after taste for that matter.

Impressed, 11th May 2014

Reviewer: Devon S

I recently purchased this product and I was pleasantly surprised with how well it worked. I've tried other cleaners but this one seemed to work the best with removing all the "gunk" from my water pipe. Will definitely keep buying this from now on.

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