Pee Jay Glass

5.5" Tall Pendant Oil Rig with Simpsons Millefiori Beads


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These unique one of a kind oil rigs are on clearance. Only a few remain. From $249.99 to $189.99.

Another Pee Jay Glass original! Pee Jay created this hand blown glass fully worked reversal heady oil rig with matching dome, and then placed four Simpsons themed millefiori beads on the body and dome.

No 10mm parts! This bad boy comes with a 14mm male ground joint.

Truely sick piece to come off his torch. Small enough to use as a pendant oil rig, andlarge enough to be a coffee table piece. Each one has a saw tooth cut diffused downstem.

One thing is for sure, this hand blown oil rig bubbler will get attention! Each one is unique with various patterned reversals available.

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