Back to School Campus Smoke Spots

  08/15/2016 at 21:14 pm

As we move into the beautiful season of Autumn we look forward to going back to school, football tailgates and college parties.  But, here at Smokin Js we look forward to new scenic spots to smoke!  Where is your favorite place to smoke as the colors change?  On campus?  Off? Here is our list of fun, adventurous and maybe a bit daring places to toke it up during your first few months back on campus.  Let this list get your autumn flowing and send us those Js Smoke Spot pics!

If you live anywhere near the Pacific Northwest you need to check out Sehome Hill Arboretum Trails.  180 - acre forest with sights and sounds you won’t hear in the city!  Sehome Hill is a famous landmark for Western Washington University.  From the hilltops to the caves and tunnels you are bound to find the perfect place to burn one down or vape it up.  So take a break and grab your favorite 4-legged friend, your click n hit and hit the trails!


Maybe you live on the East side of the States?  Then you absolutely must visit Stoner Courtyard at the University of Pennsylvania Museum.  How can you not visit anyplace that has the word “Stoner” in it?  They believe in the saying “Open Spaces, Sacred Places.”  Be sure to wear your favorite stoner accessory; the wrist hookah!! The park closes at 5pm on regular days of operation so make a day of it!

If spending money on nature does not suit you; head on down to the Swings at Mirror Lake.  The University of Connecticut has made these swings infamous by placing them on the UCONN Bucket List.  So make it an epic bucket list check off by thoroughly enjoying yourself while swinging over the lake of reflection!

So you live in the MidWest? Good for you! One of the most beautiful places to watch Summer turn to Autumn is Turkey Run State Park.  Students at Ball State and Butler have the advantage of living close to this beautiful place.  Imagine camping in a log cabin, canoeing down the river, walking the trails with bridges and horseback riding all weekend.  Then unwinding each night by the campfire with your favorite Roll-Uh-Bowl.  It’s so beautiful you will want to stay until it snows! Or maybe just until the Frat party that is coming up at the end of the month.

If you’re lucky enough to live in the south or go to the University of Arkansas, you know all too well that the Hot Springs is a must go to kind smoke of spot!  Just a short drive and you’re in a paradise unrivaled by most places in the US!  Natural Hot Springs surrounded by nature is a divine place for inner reflection with your favorite herb.  The Smelly Proof bag is your best bet when surrounded by water, just don’t forget to pack the quartz one-hitter & your Smokin Js Grinder Card!

One last place to consider before we bid you ado and send you off on your Back to School adventures!  Let’s head back to the Bay Area, a close drive from Santa Clara and Stanford is Hakone Japanese Gardens.  A beautiful place to calm your nerve and intake your herb!  Walk the Zen and Tea gardens...make ours medicated tea, please!  Pack up your WoodStalk Container with your favorite herb and enjoy an enlightened experience with the Koi!

Wherever you may be this Autumn we want to see your favorite back to school smoke spot.  Check out for more information on how to win one of the monthly prize packages!
*Please note: This list is a list of places to get your creative mind flowing for good #JsSmokeSpot pictures to enter our monthly prize giveaways.  Smokin Js urges you to comply with your City and State regulations in regards to smoking and vaping.  We do not condone breaking the law in any way.

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