Sun & Fun

  06/27/2016 at 20:21 pm



Break out the hammock, hit the trails, and ride the waves as Summer has come! Whether you’re an inlander or an islander, summer is a time of high tides and good vibes. Most importantly it widens our range of places to enjoy our earthly herb of enlightenment in beautiful, peaceful and fun new places!

Those of us bound by land definitely have our options of great smoke spots during the warmer months. Hitting your favorite hiking trails or forging new ones is always a great time to pack up your Journey Pipe and head out for an amazing spiritual journey. From the Pacific Northwest to the Appalachian trails the US is chalk full of trails to choose from.


Who says land lovers don’t enjoy the water? Lake season is in FULL gear now and there are great spots to smoke your cares away! From the alcove hidden around the lake bend to the party at the sandbar you can find an array of great smoke spots! The best is always at the end of the pier with a loved one at sundown. Splashing the day away then easing into the evening with a relaxing toke or two makes a great way to spend your weekends. Pack up the pocket bub for symbolic relaxation!


Is the sun a bit much for you? One cool smoke spot that you can find just about anywhere in the US are caves! (Preferably uninhibited caves) They are great spots to get out of the sun, relax and enjoy mother earth in a serene space. This type of smoke spot calls for some cannabis companions to join in the experience! Since you will probably have to hike to get to your destination be sure to take your favorite hookah packed in it’s own case!

Those of us lucky enough to live on a coast or an island have all the land lovers experiences to delve into but they also have the beautiful ocean scenery to add to their favorite smoke spots! Beaches hold a majestic feel all their own. Break out the beach umbrella and the blankets and have yourself a nice lil smoke spot under a giant palm tree. Or better yet after you’ve caught some waves and are dancing around the driftwood fire at night; pack up the beach friendly silicone Roll-Uh-Bowl and keep that party going all night long!


Wherever you are this summer JsSmokeSpot is waiting to see your favorite place to smoke! Show us what floats your boat this summer season and be entered to win some awesome Js Swag from Smokin Js!



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