Wild & Risky

  06/13/2016 at 20:38 pm

Whether you’re 18 or 81 when the season of Spring breaks we have a reason to let loose, take a vacation and shake it up a bit after being cooped up all winter long. What does Spring mean for you? Maybe you’re the type to play all day and party all night–the energetic spirit who is always down to conquering new adventures. Or, maybe doing something wild and risky is exactly how you plan to start your spring season. Where have you had the most fun or the riskiest experience smoking? Here are some wild, fun and maybe a bit outrageous places to smoke:



So, you’re staying at a resort and the smoke spots are endless! Your friend is still talking about how she lit up that J in the hotel lobby as they delivered her a glass of champagne. And, of course, you now are set with the task to one up her. How about sparking one up on the veranda, at the pool bar, the roof, the beach volleyball court or hanging off the balcony of the late night party room. It does not count if you don’t have a smidgen of proof. Take that pic! You know you want to show that friend which of you is the true puff-master.



There are party buses and limos in almost every party town that come with an array of enthralling extras: hot tubs, dance floors with a pole, wet bars & pools! If you love to party and you love to smoke, hop on that bus and take a toke. Show the world the cannabis community is living large.

Maybe you’re more earthy when it comes to your wild side. The Great Outdoors can be (quite literally) a wild place to party. Especially the festie route. Why not make it your goal to smoke with your favorite band at your first festival of the year? Climb that tree, scale that wall, hike that mountain and when you reach your destination spark that bowl. Maybe the wildlife will join you in your sky high escapade! Afterall, who wouldn’t want to smoke with a wild animal?




So can you hit that vape at the top of the roller coaster? During the plunge while bungee jumping? Maybe you’re just at one helluva wild and outrageous party where they’ve built the world’s largest steamroller. Regardless of what or where you spend your vacation, show us your smoke spots for a chance to win some killer swag. Tag us on your favorite social media along with #JsSmokeSpot and check out JsSmokeSpot.com for more info on how to win every month!

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