Romantic Smoke Spots

  02/11/2016 at 20:42 pm

February 11th, 2016 by Keesy



There has been a lot of speculation and many lists made of the top places to get your smoke on.  Over the next few months Smokin Js is going to add to your bucket list with a variety of possible places to smoke.  Everyone pack it up and go on this journey with us!

With Valentine’s day looming, it has all of us at Smokin Js thinking about romance.  Have you ever wanted to do something special but didn’t know what to do besides the old standby of flowers and chocolate?   Want to do something unique this year?  Why not take your favorite honey to a new special smoke spot.  What cries romantic more than taking the time to find a new spot for the two of you to share?


Want to make your lover feel like royalty?  You don’t have to live in the United Kingdom to be surrounded by castles!  Google Castles near you.  Surprisingly the United States has castles speckled all over the country.  Some have been turned into museums, others into hotels and many left abandoned!  Pack a royal picnic, your most regal pipe & find a place in, on or near the castle closest to you and enjoy a night of feeling royal!




Some of the most beautiful places in the continental US go over looked because they are affiliated with religion.  I’m not talking churches here folks.  I’m talking about the man made Grotto’s that are all across the land.  No matter your religious affiliation these are must sees.  With all the spiritual energy packed into these works of wonder your special night will easily take off in a more bonded experience.  For the most spiritual experience we suggest a fresh herb vape to enjoy the experience “holy”.




Need more romance than a single night out?  Try out one of the new Bud & Breakfasts!  What could say I love you more than let’s relax in style while we enjoy our favorite strain on the porch, in the jacuzzi or even in bed?  There are surprisingly a lot of cannabis friendly places all across the United States. 

Don’t live near enough to a Bud & Breakfast?  Check out some of the Bed & Breakfasts near you.  Each one is different and provides an array of beautiful walking paths, relaxing parks or amazing decks to enjoy that valentine’s smoke sesh.  Not to mention fantastic breakfast!  Don’t forget to pack your Monkey!  Monkey Plus Pipe that is!  It the perfect pipe for outdoor strolls.  


A small jaunt across a state line or two not in your realm of romantic?  Why not stay in and cook together? Bring the places you’d like to visit to your very own kitchen.  Learn to cook with cannabis together or make a nice savory meal just for your sweetheart!  Don’t know how? Get a cookbook! With a little Far Out Falafel there will be more than just the buzz of love floating around your kitchen!


Last but not least the highly overused movie cliche, yet highly underused smoking place: Lookout Point!  Yes we just went there.  If you’ve never been to a lookout point this Valentine’s day is the perfect time to go.  Every city has a few really great places to look out over the city.  For the most part they are never like the ones you see in the movies.  They do however hold a romantic value that is indescribable when shared with your heart’s desire.  Grab your favorite tapestry to spread out, dab pen to double your pleasures and your favorite romantic music mix and enjoy! 
Now Smokin Js wants to see YOUR favorite Romantic Smoke Spot! Hit us up on our social medias and tag your pic with #JsSmokeSpot.

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