Pipe Tools that will Change your Smoking Life

  12/15/2015 at 20:53 pm

December 15th, 2015 by Jay Fratt



Since the first stoner made the first pipe, we’ve fought a battle between clean taste and resin build-up. As the years progress we’ve developed a myriad of cleaners, tools, and tips to help us keep our pipes clean.

Of all the innovative creations one reigns supreme … Rez-Block. It has turned the complexity of cleaning into a simple, once-a-week, ritual. Rez-block is a vegetable derived concentrate that is added to your water pipe before you enjoy it. Rez-block keeps all resin build-up in the water instead of the inner walls of your pipe. Thus a quick and easy rinse of the pipe renders it completely clean. Who could ask for more? A single tincture of the product lasts me over 4 months at a time because only a very minuscule amount is needed to gain it’s effects. I’ve found that the taste remains the same, but the effort of cleaning is down to a minimum,. Enjoyment of my pipes has never been better.


Another battle that regular smokers face is sticky tar like resin that comes from smoking. It gets on fingers, grinders, and clothing. if you’ve ever had resin on your fingers then you know how difficult it can be to remove. Of course we can use chemicals like alcohol, but it strips away our skin’s oils which makes hands dry and cracked. Not to mention the resin smell lingers long afterwards. Recently I’ve been experimenting with an anti resin lotion. It’s called Hustle-Butter, and I use it for almost everything. Primarly its used to clean hands, but I’ve also used it to clean my poker and lube my grinder so that it no longer sticks and squeaks. Hustle butter is made from all natural ingredients like: Coconut oil, aloe butter, and essence of papaya. It is suprisingly effective as it only takes a moment to apply and exfoliate clean. Resin disappears and all that is left is a pleasant fragrance of coconut oil, and exotic fruit. Amazingly effective for such a simple, yet gentle product.


These two products have made my smokin lifestyle a lot easier and more enjoyable. My smokin lifestyle is all about the fun, not the hassle. Hustle Butter and RezBlock totally fix the necessary nuisances of smoking.

Aric Fletcher

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