The Water Puff: A Stoner’s Best Friend

  10/26/2015 at 20:54 pm

October 26th, 2015 by Jay Fratt



Whether you’ve been smoking for years or are just starting out, I’m sure we can all share a humorous story about our attempts to craft a homemade bong. Torching a thick Allen wrench and melting it through a Gatorade bottle to create a hole for a downstem. Dismembering a Bic pen in your quest for said downstem (what did that pen ever do to you?). That funky angle you get if you don’t position the hole juuust right. Let’s not forget the massive amounts of aluminum foil that have been angrily crumpled and thrown into the trash after failing to meet our bowl standards. And then there’s the high-heat silicone that you make a huge mess out of while you’re struggling in vain to make the damn thing airtight. The list goes on. In the end, even if by some amazing stroke of luck you’ve managed to create a Frankenstein-esque contraption that could be loosely classified as a working bong, it’s barely worth it, between the time spent and the hassle. Don’t you wish there was an easier way? To allude to Morpheus’ famous line from the Matrix, “What if I told you [there was an easy way to make a homemade bong?”] Because there is. And it’s called *drumroll please* the WaterPuff!

The WaterPuff is your 16 dollar salvation, your oasis in the desert, your personal escort to Moon Base. It’s easy to use, even for the smoker of the dankest of dank. It’s a little contraption that screws onto almost any soda or water bottle (Gatorade too) and will have you smoking instantly. Serious, no high school shop classes required.  This little genius creation creates a portable bong out of just about any screw top bottle.

Two pieces are included: a plastic mouthpiece with threads that screw onto the top of your bottle and a glass downstem/bowl attatchment, which is awesome because you can have the clean crisp taste of glass, instead of nasty hot aluminum foil that can cause potential health issues.
The WaterPuff is small when disassembled and fits easily into cargo pants or a backpack, making it a great camping or hiking option: get to your campsite, hydrate from your water bottle, then hook up your WaterPuff to your now empty water bottle for that end-of-trail reward!
To clean the WaterPuff, run it under hot water from the tap for a few minutes, then throw the glass piece in a Ziploc bag with some 420 Cleaner (don’t put the plastic piece in there-420 isn’t meant to be used with plastic so instead set that aside and use Effin Clean, a cleaner that’s safe for plastics) and swish the liquid around for a few minutes; lastly, rinse it clean with hot water. Smokin’ J’s carries both of these cleaners; don’t forget to pick ’em up when you come in for your new WaterPuff.

If you still want to try your own creation with that neat-O skull vodka bottle or one of a kind piece of bamboo, good luck.  Smokin Js has some conversion sleeves to make your life a little easier.  For me, the science experiments are over thanks to the Water Puff.

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