Under Pressure: Flying with an Electronic Cigarette

  04/10/2016 at 20:57 pm

April 10th, 2016 by Keesy

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I recently made a 7 day string of cigarette free living. On the eighth day I met another man my age on a 6 month string. We can do it! We can break the connection of carcinogens and nicotine. In that spirit I wanted to take the time to explain some tips and tricks of flying with an electronic cigarette.



It’s proven. High altitude wreaks havoc on your electronic cigarette. A trucker once confirmed with me that whenever he crossed a pass in Washington State his electronic cigarette leaked. If the altitude pressure of a pass can affect an e cig, then imagine the effects it could have in an airplane. The first couple times I flew with an e cig it leaked every time. We all deal with the mess of filling and changing our cartomizers. That sticky juice isn’t hand friendly, and certainly we don’t want it in our bags or luggage. With this knowledge and my own witness, I developed a system to keep my electronic cigarette safe during flight.



A new toiletry not to forget! My electronic cigarette safe zone carrying kit is made up of three zip lock sandwich bags, two paper towels, and two wet wipes. I prefer two of the bags be snack size bags. Everything you need can be stored in the larger bag.


A new pre flight check list. Everyone arrives at their fight within a comfortable time before boarding. I used to spend this time perusing magazines, frantically charging my cell phone, or staring off into space waiting for the ding dong of the boarding call. Now my main focus is to break down my electronic cigarette to protect it from pressure.



Step 1: Empty the tank.
Step 2: Tear a strip off your paper towel and roll/wrap the tank, and place it in one of the snack bags.
Step 3: Tear a strip off your paper towel and roll/wrap the cartomizer, and place it in the same snack bag.
Step 4: Place e-juice bottle in the same snack bag.
Step 5: Place the snack bag, electronic cigarette battery, and remaining paper towels in the larger bag.
Step 6: Use one of the wet wipes and throw it away.


You are all set to fly without the worry about the pressure on your electronic cigarette or inadvertent leakage. My safe travel case that I create is made for a round trip flight. Don’t forget those wet wipes, they come in very handy! Safe travels, and good luck with your long flight without nicotine. You can do it!


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