Get to Know Smokin Js – Megan McCormack

  02/16/2016 at 21:20 pm

February 16th, 2016 by Keesy

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At Smokin Js we like to say “We are Real People offering Real Quality Products at a Real Value.”  We get caught up constantly working on the Quality and the Value, and we forget to tell you about the People behind the logo.  This blog is part of a series that will feature Smokin Js employees.  No person was injured in the writing of this blog.

Megan McCormack, aka Mega Megs, is coming up on 4 years with Smokin Js!  Some would say Megan has become Jay’s right hand girl as she works so many different jobs and projects.  She is most proud of her contribution of opening and maintaining the Olympia Smokin Js location.  Most would know her as the friendly customer service representative behind

A girl with too many jobs can’t just pick one favorite glass piece or glass blower.  Her favorite glass pipe is made by Gloria with Blaze1 that she named Maria.  Her favorite water pipe is a recycler made by Custom Creations, that she named Andre 3000 (so fresh, so clean).  She loves her Custom Creations recycler because it transitions so well between oil and flower with a Quartz Castlemade by her favorite glass blower, Chris Schuler.  Mega Megs said about Chris Schuler, “I will forever be grateful for his creation of the Quartz Castle, but I am always impressed at the creative work on his fritted in-line dab rigs.”

As you can see, it is hard to pin Megan down.  She currently lives the single life of a hippie 20 something.  Her main love and partner is a cat named Snickelfritz.  She is ecstatic that this year has been a good year for snow boarding … “Finally!”  Megan said this about her life, “Most of the time you’ll find me smoking out with friends, working on one of many arts & crafts project, or catching a local show.”

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