Christmas Charity Glass Heady Raffle

  12/02/2014 at 21:38 pm

December 2nd, 2014 by Jay Fratt



Every New Year, Smokin Js has a big drawing for tons of prizes and heady glass.  The intent of the give-a-way is to allow a customer to win a heady pipe they would never buy, at a fraction of the price ….  a $1 golden ticket:)  We have been performing the special prize drawing for over 14 years!  It is hard work year after year to try and top the previous year’s efforts.  We’ve raffled off multi chamber hand blown glass pipes, sand blasted amazing creations, a 4 foot tall piece, and even custom signed one of a kind headies.  Each year is different, but we always try to ramp it up with the number and quality of prizes.

We have completely out done ourselves this year!  ALL THE PROCEEDS FROM OUR CHRISTMAS RAFFLE WILL GO TO CHARITY!  We have selected My Compassion as the charity of choice.  My Compassion is a Michigan Non Profit company.  The charity’s mission is to increase awareness and understanding through education, information, and advocacy of all the medical benefits and healing properties of cannabis.  Through outreach, understanding, and acceptance, My Compassion intends to place cannabis on track to be rescheduled, researched, and readily available in its natural form, for medical purposes.  The more research we do, the more we at Smokin Js are impressed with My Compassion and we are proud to donate.










Smokin Js has acquired a custom hand blown glass heady bubbler from one of our main glass blowers, K Mack.  It’s one of the best heady pieces K Mack has ever pulled off the torch.  Blowing glass is an intricate process.  It is very difficult to place different sections together that flow well from head to toe.  K Mack was able to apply several different glass blowing techniques into this one piece, and yet maintain the integrity of the singular design.  The mouth piece has a fillacello that leads into wild wig wag spirals.  The bowl and water can is where things really come together as they spread so far apart.  K Mack created a claw-like carb, a dichroic glass orb connected by a wig wag bent melted ribbon, and a water can that has a unique design on the front that matches the fillacello on the mouth piece.  Usually when a glass blower tries to add too many different effects and features the overall integrity of a themed pipe is lost.  K Mack throws all of these features together with a phat heady backside.  The piece maintains its overall theme with matching pinwheel reversals at the mouth piece and water can, and the same color combos in the wig wag used for the spirals in the middle of the pipe.  The custom flower design and fillacello may be nice, but I think it’s the backside of the piece that really sets it apart.















Click on the image to see an enlarged version.


The K Mack Heady Bubbler is valued at $1k.  Tickets are $1.  Tickets are only available at Smokin Js retail locations.  You have to be 18+ years of age to enter.  Raffle tickets will be available through Christmas Eve.  The winner will be announced at 4:20pm on New Years Eve.  There will be 10 total prizes.  You do not have to present to win.  One prize per person.  All proceeds from the raffle will be donated to My Compassion charitable organization on behalf of Smokin Js, K Mack, and our customers.


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