Briana Loves Her Rope Sandals

  09/02/2013 at 21:41 pm

September 2nd, 2011 by Jay Fratt


If you don’t own a pair of these foot pleasing, hand made, adjustable, light weight, vegan, rope sandals then you are missing out my friends!!!

They are constructed with your comfort in mind. Weighing only 10 ounces per pair, our rope sandals are made out of a super soft and incredibly strong reclaimed polypropylene rope (USA made). Our sandals are great for walking anywhere … on the boat or in the canoe, around the house or at the beach, out shopping or relaxing with friends. See how many compliments and questions you receive from them.

The best part about these awesome sandals is that they are super easy to clean. The best way to clean them is to take them to the car wash and then just tie them to the roof or your car for easy drying. Now we know not everyone remembers (or wants) to take their sandals to the car wash, so you can machine wash them along with your regular wash. You can put them in the dryer if you insist, but this is a waste of energy … just lay them out in the warm sunshine. Then there is the lazy cleaning method: put your dry sandals in a zip lock bag, add some baking soda, zip it shut, and stick them in the freezer over-night. They are color fast so they are bleach, chlorine, and salt-water resistant.

Our adjustable style rope sandals are available in Camel, Black and Cafe (brown). If you cant figure out how to adjust them, just mess around with the ankle strap and you will eventually figure it out (duh). We also have a slip on style that is available in the camel color. All styles are only $29.99 and they last forever!! Multiple customers have told me that they have had a pair for 20+ years.

It is a mystery to me how anyone can pass up this great deal and the sheer awesomeness of our rope sandals! Order yourself or a friend a pair today! We have them in stock at SmokinJs.comand all our stores in Washington.

Rope Sandals Come in Euro Sizing:
34 = 4-4.5w     41 = 11-11.5w
35 = 5-5.5w     41 = 9-9.5m
36 = 6-6.5w     42 = 10-10.5m
37 = 7-7.5w     43 = 11-11.5m
37 = 5-5.5m     44 = 12-12.5m
38 = 8-8.5w     45 = 13-13.5m
38 = 6-6.5m     46 = 14-14.5m
39 = 9-9.5w
39 = 7-7.5m
40 = 10-10.5w
40 = 8-8.5m

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