Why Glass Pipes Will Never Go Out of Style

  11/15/2014 at 21:54 pm



Since glass blowing was first introduced into the world centuries ago, the quality, function and beautiful art form has evolved incredibly. Creating a whole underground culture of artists and lovers of the art. In turn making hand blown glass pipes the number one choice for most heads in the smoking community. 

The earliest evidence of glass blowing dates back into the 1st century BC, in places like Palestine, Rome and Egypt. The incredible skill level that it took to produce these pieces made them as valuable as gems to them.  

Modern day hand blown glass pipes are just as jaw dropping and mesmerizing as gems. Glass artists put their own taste and twists into their work, making them personal and giving them each unique characteristics. And being hand blown and molded by the artists, not manufactured by machines, adds a whole level of quality and makes none the same from the next. With the never-ending shapes, designs, techniques and use of any color under the rainbow, your options are endless. 

Aside from the obvious aesthetic joys of using a glass pipe, there are many reasons to make hand blown glass pipes your smoking tool of choice. Time and time again we turn to glass, because of the endless benefits it provides. 

Glass creates the purest, cleanest and coolest smoking experience. You can clean it thoroughly, making it look brand new over and over again, which also helps it from building up unwanted bacteria. It also never wears down like other burnable and corroding materials and stays super cool unlike metal pipes that cause the smoke to build heat and produce an uncomfortable smoke. And best of all, it doesn’t disrupt or contaminate the flavor of your delicious greens!

Hand blown glass pipes are also strong and durable. They are heated and molded with one single piece of glass as the base, which creates a strong foundation that can withstand immense stress and pressure. And as the glass art evolved, borosilicate (commonly know as Pyrex glass) has become the number one used material for hand blown glass pipes because of its high strength and heat resistance. 

Glass pipes are also so much fun and exciting. Due to their transparency, users enjoy being able to watch the chamber fill with smoke and pass through it. Another brilliant exclusive to glass pipes is the chameleon characteristics of them. Many glass artists experiment with silver and gold fuming on the inside of the pipe, which creates a beautiful phenomenon where the smoking build-up combined with the metal fuming refracts the light and changes the colors of your piece. So cool and intriguing to watch!

Hand blown glass pipes have come a long way and the market and culture continues to grow and evolve. With more benefits and options than any other type of pipe, they give heads the most excellent smoking experience. The art of hand blown glass can only grow as the artists are challenged to be even more innovative and creative, coming up with new brilliant pieces of functional and collectible art. The hand blown glass pipe will never go out of style. Looking forward to seeing what stunning new creations have to come!

At Smokin Js, we have several glass blowers that make these fantastic creations just for us.  Most of the hand pipes sold by Smokin Js are exclusive to us.  All hand blown glass pipes sold at Smokin Js are made by American glass artists.


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