The Click N Hit Self Lighting Pipe

  11/06/2014 at 21:55 pm



You can smoke it in a house. You can smoke it with a mouse. You can smoke it in a box. You can smoke it with a fox. You can smoke it here, or there. You can smoke it anywhere! The Click N Hit self lighting pipe is one of its kind, making smoking on the go easier than ever before. Small and discrete design, with easy one-handed use, it’s no wonder the Click N Hit is one of our most popular products at Smokin Js.

The all-in-one pipe comes in three sections. The first piece is your adjustable windproof torch lighter. To keep the lighter working at it’s best, you will want to use high quality butane to fill it. The second piece is the air chamber that lets the air circulate through in order to burn your herb. It has a built in metal screen on top to make sure that none of your product falls into this chamber. The last piece is a large loading chamber topped with a rubber mouthpiece that can be easily removed for cleaning. We always recommend grinding up your herb to allow the air to flow through and burn your herb properly.

There is a carbon filter inside of the loading chamber to help purify the smoke, as well as keep your product in the pipe and not your mouth. The filter will eventually get mucky, but it can be easily removed for cleaning as well. Just soak it in alcohol and let it air dry on a paper towel before re-inserting it into your unit. Some people have even replaced it with a standard metal pipe screen after they feel that their carbon filter has served it’s time and should be laid to rest.

The Click N Hit is available in three colors: blackred, and blue. And it’s only $22.99 at your local Smokin Js and So say goodbye to your one-hitter and rolling papers, and embrace the most convenient way to smoke on the go.

For more information on Click N Hit cleaning and maintenance, watch our Youtube video:

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