5 Stoner Essentials for Your Smokin Lifestyle

  10/17/2014 at 21:56 pm

Written by the Smokin Js crew.

The Stoner Essentials! Every stoner has his or her own tool box of stoner gear.  Big or small, chances are you got a little set up at home where you keep all your stoner tools.  We at Smokin Js come to work to inform and recommend to you the best of the smoking gear that’s available.  Today we’re talking about the 5 best and most crucial stoner tools you can have to make your everyday sessions better and more efficient.

BeeLine Hempwick:BeeLinethickLrg

Bee Line organic hemp wick is definitely a must have for every stoner!  I mean come on, when you’ve found that perfect sesh spot on a beautiful hike, you want to enjoy the gifts of the earth and not taste butane right?  That’s exactly why I wrap my Toker Poker with Bee Line! It’s organic hemp coated in organic beeswax which makes for a slower burning wick.  By letting Bee Line take the butane hit you get to enjoy the great taste of your herbs!




Nothing’s better than the smell of fresh herbs.  That’s why for my second pic of tools every stoner needs, I have chosen the all famous grinder!  There’s something to be said about roasting a bowl of herbs that you ground opposed to being “picked” apart.  You can break up herbs all you want but there’s still going to be air pockets in your bowl. When you grind your herbs there is more pack to your bowl because of the fine grind, a more even burn and less hot air filling your lungs.  At Smokin Js we have two piece and four piece grinders in wood and metal.



Oil Slick Concentrate Containers:slickballmini

Next on the list!  Oil Slick concentrate ball containers. Non stick concentrate containers are so crucial for efficiently getting your dab session rockin and rollin.  It’s such a drag using a plastic or glass container with really sticky concentrates!  The Oil Slick containers are made of platinum cured medical grade silicon.  Pocket size balls that fit right in the pocket, or you can carry all 4 that come in the set inside of your dime bag backpack!  There’s also a large sized one sold individually.  These containers work with the stickiest of concentrates and only take a little squeeze to snap the concentrate loose from the container.  These are perfect for every stoner who smokes concentrates , no one should cheat themselves with plastic and glass containers for their concentrates.  Oil slick ball containers are most definitely a top five stoner tool!


The Toker Poker:TPLL

The handy dandy Toker Poker!  The Toker Poker is every stoners best friend.  It’s the best Bic lighter attachment out there fo sho.  Makes every smoke session cleaner and more efficient.  It helps your hands stay clean of resin from putting out a bowl with your finger tips, or ashing into your hand after a cashed bowl, which makes you reek of burnt bowls.  The Toker Poker comes with the poker, ash masher and a perfect area to wrap our bee line hemp wick around it.  It is a must have for every Bic lighter out there!



Dime Bag Backpack:DBBPmid

The one stoner essential we agreed on as number one was the Dime Bag Backpacks.  This is the one tool you can carry all your tools in!  It’s perfect for a busy student with room for books and a laptop, with 5 pockets , a smell proof baggie and straps. It’s also a hemp bag that comes in all kinds of rad colors.  The Dark Blue being my favorite:)  Dime Bags also just released a Skate Backpackthat is super rad!



So there you have it, Smokin Js top 5 stoner essentials!  Just a short recap of all this amazingness:  Dime Bag backpack to hold all your daily essentials (hopefully everything we mentioned up above), Oil Slick concentrate ball containers to help reduce product loss and mess, the amazing Toker Poker to help with those pesky clogs and the infamous black bottomed lighters, Bee Line(hopefully wrapped around your Toker Pokered lighter) for that butane hit nobody really likes, and finally a Grinder, to help reduce the air pockets and a finer ground herb in your bowl!
How many did you already have?  Need any of the above mentioned?  Head on over to SmokinJs.com or stop by one of our stores and pick up one or all of our top 5 tools every stoner must have!

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