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9" Long Inside Out Fumed Hand Blown Glass Hammer Bubbler


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9" long thick hand blown glass bubbler.

Torcher Glass created this wonderful piece of glass named the Slugnut Bubbler. This thick hand blown glass bubbler is made with gold and silver fuming for amazing color changing properties. Each one has magnification beads all over it so you can view into the layers of the pipe.

Each hand crafted piece of glass has a donut in the mouth piece with more magnification beads. Truly an amazing piece worth every penny.

Customer Reviews

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heady !, 23rd Nov 2014

Reviewer: Nikko K

heavy , perfect size, perfect goldfuming. point blank period, best bubbler out there.

heavy weight!, 27th Dec 2012

Reviewer: Mike Teeling

wow these are super chunky heavy, and on the very bottom where the stem will pass all the smoke, there is a super cool fume clover that'll change color super wild. this piece is big n heavy

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