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9" Tall Limited Edition Gray Sparkle Mini Tube Oil Rig Set


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Covelle Glass Designs Limited Edition Black with Gray Sparkle Mini Tube with 18mm Female Over Bowl and Ceramic Domeless Nail. The complete set for flower or oil.

Covelle Glass Designs has developed this awesome mini tube water pipe! This hand blown glass piece is innovative, high quality, and affordable .... The three major features Smokin Js looks for when selecting glass pipes.

Innovation: It's a water pipe right, pretty basic stuff. NO! Covelle Glass Designs flipped the script on the traditional water pipe. The sleeve is a male, not a female sleeve. The bowl is a female, not a male. This mini tube is the complete set! It comes with a flower over bowl and a ceramic domeless nail. Each one comes with a finger grip that also works as an ice catcher.

High Quality: This mini tube water pipe is made from 38mm Simax extra heavy wall (4mm thick) tubing. Each model has color laid with precision and care you would expect from glass made in the Pacific Northwest. Each model has an indent behind the bowl for a finger grip and that works as an ice catcher.

Affordable: WOW, the price says it all. Only $69.99 for this innovative, thick, beautiful piece is a great deal in any state and at any store!

Smokin Js and Covelle Glass Designs is looking out for you!

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double trouble, 26th Mar 2015

Reviewer: Nikko K

perfect size to travel with,i can keep the dabs at home and travel with the dry herb bowl. i love the options , and the ceramic nail makes dabs extra tasty.

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