Ariel is a Glass Hound

  05/14/2013 at 22:12 pm



HIGH everyone! Ariel here.  This morning I woke up with a ‘halfbaked’ idea! Every day as I get ready for work, and take one last longing glance at my glass.  I wish I could bring all of my favorite pieces to share with all the amazing people I see walk through our doors at Smokin Js. I wish I could create moments with so many! Since I can’t physically accomplish this, I figured I could at least semi accomplish my mission by pulling out all the pieces I could find and taking most of my morning to have a ‘red carpet photoshoot’ in the sun for all of my current glass lovelies, so I can at least share and talk about them with you.

glass water bongs

Some of these pieces I bought way before I even started working for Smokin Js.  American made glass, all you’ll find at Smokin Js, has stood its test against time, and with a little TLC, I’ve had my favorite dry pipe for roughly 5 years now :) . . . and yes that is a sand blasted hammer head shark, and sea turtles!

My rainbow side car bubbler has been with me for longer then I can remember! SmokinJ’s is like the pot (of gold?) at the end of the rainbow

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