Featured Blower – Scomo Moanet

  03/01/2013 at 22:15 pm

glass water pipe


As an organization Smokin Js takes pride in supporting local glass blowers.  But we don’t stop there; we require our glass blowers not just to be great artists, but good citizens as well.  We believe strongly in the karma of a pipe, and we want customers to know when they buy a pipe from Smokin Js they are getting a good product made by good people.  Scott Moan is one of Smokin Js longest tenured glass blowers and one of our favorites!

Scott Moan, aka Scomo Moanet has been blowing glass for 12 years, 6 of them for Smokin Js.  He is 33 years old and based out of Salem, Or.  Scott lives with his girlfriend of 10 years, Jessica.  The two took a big step about a year ago welcoming Penelope into their house.  Penelope is a 115lb Great Dane;)  Scott has a style unlike any other glass blower.  He prefers to keep his hair tight and wears sweaters with button down shirts.  Scott lives by the same creedo as Jay of Smokin Js, “Not trying to be the coolest, just the best.”  When he is off the torch, Scott loves to stay in touch with his favorite football team, the Liverpool Reds.  Football is played with a round ball in Scott’s world.

As a glass blower, Scomo Moanet is always coming up with new and innovative glass creations.  You won’t find another reverse shower head bubbler like Scomo’s anywhere!  However, as much as his latest line of sherlock bubblers have captivated glass enthusiasts, it’s his Dot Box blowing technique that wows Smokin Js customers every day.  Dot Box is a unique glass blowing technique that is hard to perform and duplicate.  The Dot Box technique creates a pipe that looks like stained glass when it colors in.  Scomo Moanet says,
“Dot Box is a technique of laying fumed dots on top of other fumed dots.  Each spoon I make uses approximately 5 feet of rod.  I’m probably approaching laying about 1 million dots.”

One of the best attributes that keep people coming back for more Scomo Moanet glass is the value for quality proposition.  At Smokin Js we always put function, quality, and value at the top of the list when we select glass blowers and pipes.  Scott Moan hits a home run every time with each creation he melts into our cases.  Click here to see Scott’s entire selection of glass available at Smokin Js.

Scomo Moanet Reverse Shower Head Bubbler
Glass Hand Pipes
Scomo Moanet Full Dot Box Pipe
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