The Dragon Shooter Steamroller

  06/02/2012 at 22:22 pm

In my 14 years experience there has been one hand blown glass pipe that has epitomized my goals as a retailer: innovation, quality, and price. The Dragon Shooter Steamroller is an invention, an affordable heady, and one kick ass steamroller all in one functional hand blown glass pipe. Smokin Js has been selling the dragon shooter steamroller for over 10 years!

This Dragon Steamroller has Shooter in the name for a reason.  Our pipe has a secondary carb hole!  On the side of each Dragon Shooter Steamroller is a tiny carb hole specifically engineered and designed to cool the smoke and shoot it into your lungs.  Think about a regular pipe that fills with smoke until you release the carb and then the smoke goes into your lungs.  Our “Choker Hole” on the Dragon Shooter allows a little bit of air into the cylinder while you are smoking that shoots the smoke into your lungs.  This tiny stream of air also helps cool the smoke before it gets to you.

The Choker Hole adds a cool secondary effect to the smoking experience.  When smoking with the Dragon Shooter Steamroller you can plug and unplug the secondary carb to create cool smoke effects inside the shooter.  We have been able to create smoke swirls, waves, rings, and other effects.

Check out this video of Jeff showing off the Dragon Shooter Steamrollers by Gus Glass Studios

This super cool pipe could fetch outrageous prices, but not when you are buying from Smokin Js!  We have two glass blowers that make our dragon steamrollers:  Gus Glass Studios and Garrett Cooksey.  Garrett makes our smaller mini version that comes with the very affordable price tag of $44.99.  For a pocket Dragon Shooter Steamroller, that is a great price.  He also makes a large bubbler for ONLY $129.99.  Gus Glass Studios makes several different sizes and models starting at $59.99.  Our most popular Dragon Shooter Steamroller is the Gus Glass Studios Double Dragonwhich is made from beefy tubing and has two dragon heads.

We have segregated our Dragon Shooter Steamrollers in our Special Offers section on the Smokin Js web site.  When ordering you can always request colors in the comments box at checkout.  We will always email or text the current pictures of models available to ship immediately.  Your satisfaction is the most important thing to us.  Customers are always blown away by our customer service.  Give us a try and find out why :)

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