Featured Artist – Scott Sherrell

  04/30/2012 at 22:23 pm

Smokin Js has been in business for 14 years.  In that time I have always tried to feature and promote local artists that not only offer quality products, but also are quality individuals.  I believe very much in the karma of a hand blown glass pipe.  I think that customers want the very best glass from the very best people.  At Smokin Js we don’t buy hand blown glass pipes off anybody who passes through town.  I try to develope relationships with the artists to make sure we get a consistent quality product, and the artist receives ample compensation for their work.  My goal is to offer HIGH quality hand blown glass pipes at a LOW price; all made and sold by HIGH quality individuals.  By making this extra effort and having higher standards our customers can be assured when they hold their new pipe in their hands they know it comes from a good place.

We are going to start a new feature at Smokin Js.  Periodically we are going to feature one of our glass blowers and share more information about them.  Each featured artist will have a special section in our stores, a blog article written about them, and their products featured on SmokinJs.com.

Scott Sherrell at his Studio in Portland, Or

Scott Sherrell

Scott Sherrell has been blowing glass for fifteen years, fourteen of which for Smokin Js.   He is based in Portland, Oregon.  He lives with his girlfriend Christina, who is an important part of his business and life.

Scott grew up in SW Portland.  As a youth he developed a love for motocross.  He credits his interest and love of motocross for helping him avoid the bad elements that SE Portland is known for.  Scott rode competitive motocross for 25 years, starting when he was 15 years old.  Scott didn’t just ride, he became a part of the motocross community in the Northwest.  For eleven years he volunteered and worked at the Washougal Motocross Park.

Scott managed an automotive wrecking yard when he was bitten by the glass blowing bug.  He was interested in art glass and the beauty of glass figurines.  Scott’s interest in glass blowing took him to a blower that made pipes, and his form of artistry was born.  For a year Scott would work during the day and blow glass at nights.  It was after this year he decided to take the leap of faith and make lampwork a full time occupation.

Today Scott enjoys the freedom of owning his own business.  He and Christina are a family operation.  He likes to blow glass when he is in a good mood, with good music, and a good atmosphere.  “The pieces I create are a part of my life,” said Scott.  He may not make the fanciest and most expensive pieces, but each one of Scott’s glass pieces is a testament to his skill at creating affordable color changing glass pipes with character and goodness at heart.  Smokin Js is the only place where you will find Scott’s glass.  He is excited about some new white glass tubing he just received, and we should have some brand new Scott Sherrell creations soon.  You can find him on Facebook.

Scott Sherrell produces the best fume and raked pipes available.  I have been astonished throughout the years at the consistency and beauty of his pipes.  Each one always has a perfect bowl and carb hole.  His fume work is amazing in that the quality and consistency of the fume remains the same from one pipe to another.  I don’t think there is another store out there that can claim their cheapest glass pipe is made by an artist of fifteen years, but at Smokin Js our $9.99 simple silver fumed pipeis made by Scott.  His dry hammerside-car, and sherlock pipes are some of my favorites.  Each pipe he creates has amazing color changing qualities.  He uses a special technique where he encases his wrap and rake work with a layer of clear.  This technique gives each pipe increased durability and amazing clarity.  You can truly see his experience and skill in each pipe he makes.

Two great examples of Scott’s Raked and Fumed Beaded Pipe.  Both are amazing color changers.

Amazing consistency.  Scott’s pipes are a picture of perfection and yet unique to themselves.

Pictured here is Scott’s Side Car Hand Pipe.

Every one of Scott’s pipes has a perfect bowl and perfect holes.

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