4/20 Grand Prize Winner

  04/26/2012 at 22:24 pm

King George


There was a time… When I first started at Smokin Js, it was like Christmas every day that I came to work! After learning several of the methods and styles of glass blowing, eventually like all good things you have in abundance the magical “newness” began to wear off. HOWEVER….There’s Never a dull moment Here @ SMOKIN J’S!!

Twice a year we get to do our BI-ANUAL CUSTOMER APPRECIATION RAFFLE!!! Something we like to do here @ Smokin Js to say THANK YOU to all our happy Customers!! There’s nothing more gratifying than when the happy Raffle winner comes back in and tells me about the trials and tribulations I had to endure to get them to actually buy a Ticket! lolol 

I had the GREAT PLEASURE of handing out the Grand Prize to the recent 4/20 winner, who was one of the dudes that I wrangled into playing!! For some weird reason, he was glowing like a bank of stadium lights!!!

Never a dull moment here @ Smokin Js!!!!

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