Pure Steam Stone Review

  02/24/2012 at 22:27 pm

Here at Smokin Js we get a lot of new products.  Some of them don’t last at the store very long, but most of them become very popular with our customers and our employees.  I have a good feeling about this product I am about to share with you.  This one is for the hookah lovers, old and new.  Get ready for something that tastes wonderful, has no tobacco, no tar, and no nicotine what so ever!  Pure Steam Stones are the name of this new shisha.  They are these little white stones that have been infused with rich flavors and a wonderful aroma.  Instead of actually burning tobacco to get that thick smoke, you are vaporizing the stones.  You use these stones like regular shisha tobacco … you mix up your product very well, then place it in your bowl with your coal on top of the product, and your coal heats the stones, which steams the flavoring and the glycerin into a vapor like smoke (steam).  Now when I heard the description of this before I got to try it, I was worried there wasn’t going to be the thick clouds of smoke, which is what I enjoy the most out of smoking hookah.  But be surprised my friends!  This glycerin based product gives you plenty of smoke clouds to enjoy with your friends, with a burning time that I was more than satisfied with.  I experienced about an hour in a half to two wonderful hours per bowl of Pure Steam Stones.  Another thing that I really noticed and liked was that when I left my bowl for five minutes I didn’t come back to a harsh smoke like I do with regular shisha tobacco, it was just as smooth as it was when I left it.  These steam stones are wonderful by themselves, but like any other person who experiments with their flavors, the Pure Steam Stones are also great mixers.  I tried mixing it with my regular shisha tobacco; I put the tobacco product on the bottom of the bowl where it was not touching the coal and I put the steam stones on the top.  I found this very pleasant to smoke.  I got to enjoy that head buzz I like, but with a smoother and thick smoke without burning my shisha at all.  The Pure Steam Stones just heated up the tobacco as if it were actually vaporizing it.  To all my hookah connoisseurs out there, next time you stop by any one of our Smokin Js locations, take home one of our many flavors of steam stones and enjoy them for yourself.

I hope this review helps and finds you in good spirits and health,


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