PURE Glass Settles Court Case

  01/25/2012 at 22:28 pm

Years ago PURE brand water pipes were created in California.   The manufacturer was on the cutting edge of water pipe design and function.  Success breeds imitation.  Soon after the rise in popularity of PURE brand water pipes, a foreign importer started counterfeiting the brand and water pipe designs.  The original PURE Glass company took the foreign importer to court over the trademark dispute.  After years in court, the original PURE Glass manufacturer has settled to end the costly battle.   Unfortunately, the original PURE Glass has sold the brand name to the foreign importer.  As of the January 1st, 2012 the PURE brand is no longer manufactured and owned by Americans.
At Smokin Js we only carry American made hand blown glass products. Therefore we will no longer be selling the PURE brand.   All of our PURE brand water pipes currently in stock are made by the original Pure Glass manufacturer.   We are having a clearance sale on all our PURE Glass water pipes.  The sale prices are significantly discounted and already built into the price available in our stores and on our web store.  We have limited styles available at our physical stores.  Our final stock of original PURE Glass water pipes can be found in our “special offers” section of our web site.  The good news is that the original PURE manufacturers created a new brand name a year ago (Amsterdam Design Studios), and we currently carry and will continue to expand this line of quality hand blown glass water pipes.

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