Ins and Outs of Hookah Charcoals:

  08/18/2011 at 22:34 pm

Have you just bought a Hookah? Not sure what coals are the best to use? Or are you an avid smoker that’s just looking for the best charcoal options? You’ve certainly come to the right place!

Smokin Js was the first pipe & Tobacco store in SW Washington to carry hookahs and hookah accessories. Buying charcoals can be confusing because of the different options. We carry the best brands of charcoals in each type category, and this article should help you understand and choose which one is best for you.

Smokin Js carries two different kinds of hookah charcoal: Quick Light and Stove Top Charcoal. If you want quick, easy, simple and convenient then Quick Light charcoals are for you. If you’re the hookah connoisseur or just someone who wants the best things in life, then the Stove Top charcoals are for you. We carry a complete selection of these hookah charcoals at each Smokin Js location and are always ready to help you with your decision.

Quick Light Charcoal:

These charcoals are ideal for hookah smokers that want to be able to set up and smoke the hookah with minimal start-up time. By far the most popular and convenient charcoal to use. Quick Lights are great for the new hookah smoker or an outdoor hookah session. Quick Light charcoals are enormously popular due to their high quality and ease of use. Needing only a match or lighter, these coals can be ready for use in under a minute. The Down side to quick lights is quality. Lighting these charcoals will give off an unpleasant smell and smoke so they should always be lit in a well ventilated area or outside. Once lit, the charcoal burns without much noticeable odor or taste; however the heat they give off is not as consistent as a Stove Top charcoal and may leave an ashy mess.

Quick Light charcoals sell for as low as $2.49 for a roll of 10, and they come in different sizes. The smaller Quick Light coals burn for 30-45 minutes. The larger Quick Light coals burn for 1-1.5 hours.

If sacrificing convenience for functionality isn’t an issue for you, and you would prefer the best hookah smoking experience, the Stove Top charcoals might be right for you.

Stove Top Charcoals:

CocoNara Charcoals: One of the best charcoals available for hookah lovers. CocoNara Charcoals are 100% natural made from coconut shell. They burn up to 3x longer than any other charcoal and leave less than 5% in ash. CocoNara Charcoals are easy to light, clean-burning, odorless, and tasteless. Because CocoNara Charcoals are made from coconut shells they are economical & environmentally friendly; not a single tree was cut to make this product!
$6.99 box of 16 charcoal
$24.99 box of 108 charcoal

Al-Ajdad Charcoals: Natural hookah charcoals made in Jordan. These charcoals are “fingered,” meaning they are all of a uniform, triangular shape that can be easily be broken down into smaller pieces for the perfect hookah bowl. Odorless and clean burning, each Al-Ajdad 1000g bag will net you about 50 smoking sessions. Al-Ajdad is one of the BEST “bang for your buck” box of charcoals Smokin Js sells.
$9.99 1000g bag of charcoal

Exotica Charcoals: Exotica is a superior quality charcoal. The Exotica Charcoal not only offers a revolutionary square shape to prevent the coal from rolling off the bowl, but it also promises, “NO odor, NO taste, NO messy ash, NO breakage when heated.” Each Exotica Charcoal finger lasts at least 1 hour! It’s not a quick-lighting charcoal, so you’ll need a constant heat source like a stove and some patience while you wait for it to get started, but your patience will be well rewarded with one of the best smoking sessions you’ve ever had!
$9.99 1000g box of charcoal

Lighting Stove Top Charcoal:

Lighting the stove top charcoal can be accomplished several different ways. Direct flame is the quickest and easiest way to light any hookah charcoal. Grills, gas stoves, or torches are all quick and convenient. If you plan on using a gas stove, place the charcoal over the direct flame of the burner. If there are dark areas that have not become hot, return the coal to the fire until the charcoal is fully hot and white. You can also heat the coal directly on the coils of an electric stove. This method is obviously slower than direct fire, but only by a couple of minutes. There is no popping of embers flying around or a stinky sulfur smell like the Quick Lights produce. Stove Top Charcoals are the best choice for a hookah connoisseur or someone interested in eliminating all chemicals from the hookah experience.


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