Oil concentrates have come on like a firestorm in the smoking industry. Smokin Js has the tools you need for your dabtastic lifestyle. We know how hard it can be to find all the right tools for dabbing, so Smokin Js has a mission to carry it all. From titanium nails to the Quartz Castle Domeless nail, heady oil rigs to affordable dedicated dab rigs, domes to reclaimers, extractors to presses, Oil Slick Pads to stOk JarsHeath Stones to custom dabbers, Smokin Js has what you need. All of Smokin Js glass products are made in the United States by glass artists. Some of our products are made by our exclusive glass blowers, passing the quality and savings on to by buying direct from the blower. Check out our Dragon Dabber by Gus Glass Studios, or our awesome Dome Perc Oil Rig by Lucas Paulazzo, you won't find better value or quality anywhere else. Smokin Js carries an extensive line of glass oil rigs from Heady to affordable with several different kinds of oil recyclers and a broad price range of in-line oil rigs. We also sell the best oil vape pen in the market. The Original Cloud V Oil Vape is affordably priced and yet comes with a lifetime warranty on the battery. Smokin Js always puts thought into what we sell, we don't just jump for the easy mass marketed overpriced product.

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