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"Embedded in the night sky are the archetypal images, symbols, and stories that have enchanted the human soul for aeons." (From "The Celestial Tarot")

Celestial Tarot fuses the myths, symbols, and astronomy of the planets, signs, constellations, and fixed stars with astrological divination to reveal the mysteries of the Tarot in an engaging and unique way.

Artist/Astrologer Kay Steventon and author Brian Clark have created a stunning blend of the myths and symbols of astronomy with the tool of astrological divination. The mysteries that are the Tarot emerge in a unique and empowering manner. It is a guide to the heavens, as well as to our inner selves.

Includes 78 cards and instruction booklet.

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Beautiful Tarot, 25th Feb 2012

Reviewer: Katie Green

This is by far my favorite deck we have in the store right now. I just bought one of these decks for a friend for Christmas and she was in love. Nice decent size cards (2.75 by 4.75) the box comes with an instruction booklet and a spreadsheet which is helpful for new users of Tarot cards. Gorgeous art, and made by a great company. Give em a try and it might just help comfort your soul and help you find your own good direction for the future.

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