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City Scape Heady Sherlock Pipe


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On Clearance $169.99, originally $249.99.

This is the City Scape Sherlock Hand Blown Glass Pipe from the lab of Steve Hoffman. He implements special glass blowing techniques to get these fantastic custom creations.

The City Scape Sherlock is 5" tall. Each one of these heady pieces comes with three feet for stability, and a custom unique city scape design. Look, it's night-time, and the mouth piece acts like the moon in Steve's creation.

We have many colors available. These are custom pipes and different colors come in and out of stock. Give us a call or email to see the current selection or put your color wishes in the comments box at checkout.

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artsy, 30th Dec 2014

Reviewer: Nikko K

super asrtsy pipe, my favorite part about this pipe is the mouthpiece . i love that its suppose to be a moon floating over the city .

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