Cloud V 510 Thread Aqua Vape Pen Attachment


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Coud V has brought their dab technology from a stand alone pen into a slick aqua bubbler unit made for any electronic cigarette that uses a 510 thread. Now available ... The Cloud Vape Aqua Glass Attachment with new Cloud Tornado Globe Atomizer.

Now you can add a water filtration attachment to your E-Cig Battery. This neat design keeps the water in your attachment without spilling in your pocket.

Yup, for only $69.99 you can get a Cloud V Tornado oil concentrate atomizer bubbler for your e cig battery.

So fresh and so clean!

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Ultimate vape attachment, 18th Oct 2015

Reviewer: Amy J

Immediately turned my boring vape pen into an awesome water perked vapor! Hits are smoother and cooler - I don't leave home without this one!

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