We know all about your smokin lifestyle;) Smokin Js has you covered when it's time to cleanse your body and get rid of those unwanted toxins. A lot of stores will sell a bunch of detox products. Smokin Js focusses on selling only the best. Applied Sciences Rescue Ice detox is the best cleansing drink in the market. The company uses pure extracts of wholesome ingredients like blueberry, acai berry, and raspberry without the use of any artificial flavors, synthetic dyes, or artificial sweeteners. Smokin Js also sells the best permanent body detoxifier, also made by Applied Sciences. The 5 Day Detox is a program that will completely flush your system of unwanted toxins. Smokin Js also has you covered if you need to administer a test or test yourself for drugs. All of our test panels are FDA approved and 100% accurate. We leverage our 17 years of experience in the alternative pipe and tobacco industry to research the best detox products in the marketplace. Smokin Js believes in personal freedoms, and your right to keep your medical history private from entities that don't have the legal right to test you. Agent X Synthetic Urine the best and most accurate synthetic urine available today. Smokin Js is your trusted source for detoxification products for your smokin lifestyle.

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