Domeless Titanium Nail 19mm Female


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Silika domeless nail on clearance. Only 44.99. Original price $99.99.

American brand Silika, an original innovator in the glass industry. These side arm titaniumm domeless nails were a great original innovation.

High grade 2 titanium. Made in LA, Ca. USA

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if you dab and dab and dab...., 29th Sep 2013

Reviewer: Mike T

if you do dab, after dab, or you dab with friends, this piece is a must! get this guy hot enough to glow and unlike glass, you can run 3.... 5.. if you're motivated, even more dabs. AND this keeps it clean, shatter proof, better heat durability and longer heat retention!
silika is american co. and quality products are all these guys crank out.

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