Effin Clean Effervescent Pipe Cleaner


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One of the most innovative cleaners on the market today. Effin Clean claims to be the world's first effortless pipe cleaner. Effin Clean is odorless, non-toxic, environmentally friendly solution to your pipe hygiene problems ;)
Using it is very easy. Add Effin Clean to your pipe, pour on some hot tap water, and the bubbles will go to work on the tar and grime. Effin Clean softens and breaks up even the thickest, most caked-on residue from your favorite hand pipe, water pipe, or hookah. Then a simple blast of hot water should leave your pipe sparkling like new. The most popular use is with a hard-to-clean water pipe. Simply plug the bowl opening and let Effin Clean do the job all the way up the water pipe.

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Very clean, 18th Jun 2015

Reviewer: Xavier S

Works really quickly. I haven't cleaned my bong in months and once i used the cleaner it was literally, effin clean.

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