Smokin Js has a t-shirt that is just right for you. We have funny t-shirts, marijuana parody t-shirts, and cannabis strains t-shirts. For 17 years we have carried our parody funny t-shirts for only $7.99. In Washington State we are known for our selection of these inexpensive funny t-shirts. We have never raised the price after all these years and we have no plan to do so. $7.99 for a HIGH quality funny t-shirt is a great deal. T-shirt titles like Sensemilia Street, Route 420Toky the Bear, Got WeedTweakers SuckHigh Wire, 4:19 & Loadin, Devil's Harvest, Just Do Me, Home Honey I'm High, and Do Not Disturb are unique prints that any counter culture individual would appreciate. But wait! There's more. We are always adding new t-shirts to our line-up. The latest great marijuana inspired parody t-shirts are for the dab enthusiast. Dabs for Dummies is a t-shirt that parodies cliff notes, and Keep Calm and Dab on is our take on the reborn Keep Calm British slogan. These t-shirts are dabtastic! We also have a great selection of cannabis strain inspired t-shirts. Titles like King Kushberry, AK 47, Sensistar, Mowie Wowie, White Rhino, and OG Kush are some of the popular strains logos. Something for everyone, Smokin Js t-shirts have a style and price point for everyone. Enjoy.


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