Flo Clear Diffusion Stones Small Jar


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Flo Diffusion Stones will turbo charge your hand blown glass water pipe's filtration! Place these large glass beads in the bottom of your water chamber up to the sleeve opening. The stones force the smoke to break up into smaller pockets and increase the effectiveness of the water filtration.

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Cool Glass Smoke, 29th May 2012

Reviewer: Katie Green

Good alternative if you don't want to spend the extra money for a perc, These glass ones do well in my heavy glass waterpipes, Helps them stay clean and diffuses the smoke well. I like putting mine in the fridge or freezer before i add them in, to cool the smoke off even more!

Chub, 17th Mar 2012

Reviewer: Lucille Emter

Perfect for my heavy glass, keeps it clean and the function is as if I added a perc!

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