Gas Pump Rig 14mm


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Boro Works Glass out of Arkansas has created this dynomite dabbing tool. It's called a gas pump. It takes the ease of use of a nectar wand and marries it to your rig or water pipe.

The gas pump uses a high quality food grade silicone hose that connects the base of the unit attached to your water pipe with a QUARTZ nectar wand formed and shaped like a gas pump.

Simply attached the base of the unit with the 14mm male graound joint to your rig or water pipe, heat the quartz wand, and boom, you are vaporizing concentrates with the filtration of your water pipe.

Each unit comes with a handy gas pump holder attached to the base unit. Each one comes with a fantastic opal bead for additional style.

Great product, American made quality, Smokin Js value pricing!

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