Hookahs have become a big part of every smoker's lifestyle. Smokin Js was at the forefront of the hookah movement in America selling hookahs and supplies since the year 2000. Hookahs are water pipes used for vaporizing a particular kind of tobacco called shisha. Shisha tobacco is typically low on nicotine. It is a mix of tobacco soaked and fermented with fruit juices. In the Middle East it is popular to ferment the tobacco with molasses, but in America shisha is mainly made with honey. Hookahs and hookah lounges in the Middle East are like Starbucks locations here in America. As the United States sent more soldiers to the Middle East, they began returning with hookahs and helped accelerate the hookah craze in America. Recently Steam Stones have been developed as a way for hookah enthusiasts to avoid nicotine and tars, and still enjoy the hookah experience. We try to sell every product based on quality and value, avoiding cheap junk and inexplicably high priced hookahs. Smokin Js is always on the hunt for something new and unique. When selecting a hookah from our site be sure to look for the drop down menus; each hookah often has color and hose options available. Many of the Smokin Js hookahs also come with a hard case for storing and traveling with your hookah.


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