We love to hookah! Smokin Js was at the forefront of the hookah movement in the United States. We started carrying hookahs and shisha in the year 2000. We do not sell shisha online, but we have a great selection in our physical retail stores. What we may lack in shisha online, we make up for with great prices on hookahs, hookah accessories, and steam stones. Only at Smokin Js will you find an adapter that will turn your hookah into a glass on glass herb water pipe, pretty cool. Smokin Js carries the Fantasia line of charcoals, e-hookah pens, and steam stones. Fantasia is at the cutting edge of the hookah industry in creating flavors that maximize vapor clouds without sacrificing flavor. The Fantasia Air-Flow Natural Charcoals are Smokin Js best selling stove top charcoals. Steam Stones are latest innovation to come out of the hookah industry. Steam Stones contain no tobacco or nicotine! You can enjoy your hookah without tars, carcinogens, nicotine, or the added cost of tobacco taxes;) Flavors are infused through juices into natural stones, and when the stones are heated up within the normal hookah process the flavors are vaporized producing thick flavorful clouds of hookah enjoyment. As shisha prices rise and rise, the price of steam stones will only get better ... enjoy.

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