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Shower Head Percolating Water Pipe Attachment


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14mm Hand Blown Glass Percolating Water Pipe Attachment that takes a 19mm glass on glass bowl. Made with M & M Tech quality, this shower head perc attachment will add a turbo charged diffused filter to your glass on glass water pipe. Made with 50mm tubing ... thick!

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awesome add a perk, 23rd Sep 2014

Reviewer: Nikko K

i love the showerhead perks m&m tech does. the perk is top notch. best part about the attatchment is keeping the main waterpipe clean. the attachment takes a lot less work to clean and less cleaning solution. im a everyday bong hitter so these are perfect for me !

oil riggin?, 29th Oct 2012

Reviewer: Mike Teeling

If your water pipe is angeled at the neck, you can add a shower head to it and make it into a level setting super perk! This is the best add-on I have for my collection.

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