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Kush perfume was created using combination of extracts of natural botanicals and essential oils was formulated to mimic the finest Kush marijuana aroma. Kush perfume's smooth, sweet "kind bud" scent is finished with a hint of vanilla in a jojoba oil base. Kush perfume is subtle and gentle so as not to draw unwanted attention, but rather to remind the wearer of one of Mother Nature's finest natural scents. Kush works as a perfume or cologne in the fact that it reacts to each person's body chemestry differently and creates a unique scent for each person.

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definite resemblance, 18th Feb 2016

Reviewer: Devon S

At first when I smelled this perfume i couldn't smell kush, but then as it dried on my skin i could!! A lot of this goes a long way! I love the fact that it smells completely different on my wife than it does on me. I like to smell her more than myself anyway lol!

UniSex, 31st Jan 2013

Reviewer: George King

I like this stuff because it's a UniSeX Cologne/Perfume, and although I can't really smell, there's some kind of aspect to it that makes me go "WHAT IS THAT?!?!"
So, Clearly it's workin it's magic, I like to use it mixed with my other Smells, and get lots of compliments.

Wow!, 29th Jul 2012

Reviewer: Chell Hart

I was skeptical about this being a great scent for both men and women, but after getting mine and sharing it with my honey I'm a bliever. It comes across sweeter on me and muskier on my sweetheart!

I'm allergic to most perfums so I really appreciate the natural oils in this product! I love being able to smell pretty!

Yum Yum ;], 22nd Apr 2012

Reviewer: Lucille Emter

Kush Perfume, is the greatest smelling hippie scent since Patchouli!
I can't get enough of it! The smell itself is absolutely devine, and the best part about
it's unique smell is that the scent is different on everyone!
:O yes, different between you and I, and maybe your handsome significant other ;] -for realz.

Made for men and women, this perfume will give you both your own delicious scent I got one for
me AND my boy ;]
Another bonus, this little bottle will last you MONTHS! I use mine daily, if anything
multiple times a day. I simply can't get enough of it, and still have enough to last!
The perfume itself smells of hempseed, without being over powering, the unique twist
is all on you, literally. ;] your body chemicals change the scent.

Kush Love, 22nd Feb 2012

Reviewer: Katie Green

The new Kush Perfume we have in is one of my new favorite scents now. Sweet, lusty and mellow, Who wouldn't want to smell like this wonderfully yummy plant? I love wearing it to work now or when i go out with friends. It only takes one whiff of this aroma and it turns them into a puppy following a treat. Its got a smooth feel to it as well on your skin rather than a stickiness like other body sprays have left. It's almost a familiar pheromone, but with the combination of the jojoba oil and vanilla mixed with the natural extracts, it throws everybody off with a pleasantly sweet surprise that's almost mouth watering. It comes in a one ounce size bottle that will last forever, because it only takes a dab each time. Come in and sample it sometime, and give your nose tingles a treat. =)

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