Smokin Js has everything you need for your smokin lifestyle. We know you are unique, and we have so many products to help you express yourself. From Kush Cologne to Grateful Dead jig saw puzzlesunique incense burners to stonerware baking traysposters to leather writing journalsbooks to candles, and tapestries to party games, Smokin Js is in tune with the alternative culture and what you are looking for. Our stickers and tapestries are some of our most popular sellers. Whether you want to put your sticker on your computer or car, Smokin Js has enough designs to represent each person. Our unique tapestries are awesome and priced to sell. You can use our tapestries as a wall hanging, couch cover, bedspread, or picnic blanket. They are versatile and large. Be sure to check out our Stonerware category. We have unique items that will light up your life or make a great gift for the special stoner in your life. Smokin Js is very proud of our selection of Ralph Steadman posters, and we even carry black light posters. Part of a smokin lifestyle is hangin with friends; Smokin Js has everything from board games to Stoner Trivia. Our selection of lifestyle products is as eclectic as you are. Check back often, we are always adding new items to our lifestyle selection.

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