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Custom numbered series from Slick. This is Tomahawk #16 signed and numbered. There is only one, and it is the exact one pictured.

Honestly, we fell in love the Tomahawk series by Slick as soon as we saw the first model. We have individually photographed each number in the series.

This Tomahawk, signed and numbered #16 is done completely in a light pink sparkle. The color looks more like silver fuming than it does pink. Elegant with different color effects at different angles. Imagine a piece of clear sparkle with a light silver fuming added. The custom reversale on the carb, bowl and body of the pipe is a custom pattern with orange and different shades of blue and a green sparkle.

The tomahawk feature on the pipe is done with the same light pink sparkle. Each rib on the blade is intricately grooved to look like a feather.

Some would say the coolest feature of the pipe is the milifiori on the top of the pipe. Slick doesn't just encase the mili with a bead, but he creates a trippy background and cuts the top in a crystal pattern. This creates a kalidascope of viewing options.

Custom ... Original ... Signed ... Numbered ... What more could you want in a heady pipe?

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