OG Four2.0 Gen3 Vape Pen Kit


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The latest and greatest vape pen kit to come from the #ThisThingRips crew!

The OG Four.20 Generation 3. Features include:
- Lava Quartz Dual Titanium wrapped atomizer. The best flavor coil in vape pens.
- Smart Battery. 12 hours of battery life, and it remembers your last setting, and yes you can use the unit while charging
- Vapor Blast Mouthpiece. The kit comes with the classic OG mouthpiece for fans of the old school, but the new mouthpiece is more sleek and more discreet.
- Basestation Silicone Storage Tray. As with the larger OG Rig, the new Gen3 OG Pen comes with a complete home storage unit.

Package Includes:
- 2 Lava Quartz Dual Ti Coil Ataomizers
- 1 Smart Battery
- 1 USM Hypercharging Cable
- 1 Stainless Steel Vape Tool
- 1 Vapor Blast Mouthpiece
- 1 Silicone Base Station
- 1 Classic Mouthpiece
- 1 Instruction Manual

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