Add a perc, ash catcher, precooler, aqua trap.. So many different terms used, all used for the same great functions. Smokin Js understands your smokin' lifestyle, whether you're looking for the most innovative new item or a simple solution to an avoidable problem. Add a percs can fulfill both of these needs. An add a perc is a water filled sub chamber that you add to your waterpipe to allow added filtration to get rid of those nasty carcinogens and lets the smoke cool down before being sucked into your lungs. The added filtration gives your smoke a much cleaner and smoother hit. Probably the best reason to add a perc to your waterpipe is for the ash catching factor though. Since all of your ash has to go through the water of your add a perc, barely any of the residue will make it to the main chamber of your piece making cleaning your glass a lot less time and effort. Smokin Js carries Scomo Monet hand blown showerhead and in-line add a percs in both 14mm and 18mm fittings and multiple angles to suit all of your smoking needs. Our most popular is our super thick showerhead M&M Tech ash catcher. It is a beauty! Here at Smokin Js we want to create the most enjoyable smoking experience while appealing to your individual needs.

Add a Perc

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